Pakistani Rug Gallery

Pakistani Rugs are mainly Bokhara design, with production centered around the city of Lahore. The name for this type comes from the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan. A century ago rugs in designs like modern Bokharas were woven by Turkomans north of present day Afghanistan. Turkomans bartered rugs for goods they could not produce themselves, and many of their weavings accumulated in bazaar cities like Bokhara. Eventually the name of the city became associated with the rugs themselves, and this historical misnomer continues today.

This is a small sample of our Rug collection. Please call with questions or to inquire about additional pieces.  

9'8" x 11'3"
8'5" x 9'11"
9'2" x 11'11"
8' x 11'4"
9'2" x 12'

Oriental, Persian, and Navajo Rug Sales, Wash and Repair

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